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Here is a few informations you need to know before you make an appointment


– I speak and write french and english fluently so feel free to write to me in those languages.


– I don’t tattoo minors, you need to be at least 18 years old.


– If you want to get tattooed you need to take the time to introduce yourself and explain you project and if you do so, i will take the time to read and reply. You don’t need to explain the meaning behind your tattoo, that is personal and the only information i need are about the design (size, placement and budget).


– Please dont send me an email if you don’t know what you want to get tattooed, i won’t be able to find a project for you either.


– You need to fill up the form with correct informations, make sure your email is right because most of the people who don’t get an answer is because they wrote a wrong email adress.


– A deposit is needed ton confirm an appointment, i work on a first pay first booked basis. I use only Paypal and won’t be taking any bak transfer.


– I don’t send drawings or writings by email, i usually draw the night before or in the morning and then show it the day of the appointment.


– Final placement and size is usually seen the day of the appointment, writings are always the same size so no need to mention a size for this on your mail.


– I don’t take appointments months in advance unless for special events or guest work.


– What will void your deposit : not showing up, changing you design after consultation and paying the deposit, canceling your appointment without┬ávalid reasons.


– I don’t tattoo lips, hands, face or neck unless you are heavily tattooed.